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Why Get Your Movie Room Finished Before Winter Hits

Home theater installation by a dedicated team of A/V experts can help your family come out of the colder months happy and having grown close.

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How to Improve Your Conference Room’s AV System

Audio/visual solutions aren’t always straightforward, so let the A/V experts at New Age Technology guide you to conference-room codification.

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Why Invest in a Smart Thermostat?

Regulating your Minnesota home’s temperature is more important than ever, especially as time slowly trudges toward the colder months. In fact, you might already be prepping for winter: caulking windows, having your insulation redone, and checking over your doors to make sure they aren’t drafty.

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What Goes On in a Whole-House Audio System Installation?

So you’ve settled: you’re finally going to invest in a whole-house audio system! Allow New Age Technology, a whole-house audio distribution installer, to give you a pat on the back. These systems are an audiophile’s dream, sure, but anyone can appreciate the truly immersive audio experience these technologies bring. Whether you enjoy playlists or podcasts, get ready for your listening life to become a whole lot more riveting!

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3 Reasons to Invest in a Home Security System

As anxieties rise and global events get crazier, it’s only natural to want to protect your home and belongings. Since you’ve found this blog, it’s safe to assume that you’re probably on the fence about taking the leap and hiring a home security system installer. We get it – money’s tight and your schedule is packed. There are many reasons why you might be hesitant to make contact with a professional security camera installation company.

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How We Create Smart Homes on a Budget

Money is tight these days for many Americans. Global events certainly haven’t made it easy to make a living, nor have they made life any easier in the first place! However, this is exactly the reason why you should consider investing in technological innovations that make day-to-day life a little bit simpler. By streamlining your media experiences and securing the safety of your home, home automation technology can grant the peace of mind and stress relief that you and your family deserve.

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What Exactly is a Whole-House Audio System?

Whole-house audio distribution often connects a series of ceiling or wall speakers. Depending on the individual system, it might also include wall controls alongside these speakers. Your home entertainment installer should discuss these options with you. These wall controls may resemble:

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Choosing the Right Home Automation System

Home automation is definitely a luxury. Being able to control your house with your voice certainly makes life easier. And because it’s a luxury, it has quickly become a symbol of status. If you’re new to home automation, it might be tempting to go hog-wild with features just to be the envy of the neighborhood.

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What Can Home Automation Do For You?

Not sure what automation is? This process involves using special devices and tech to let you control your devices via your smartphone. You can handle tasks manually or set up a program that will take care of everything for you. Here are a few of the advantages that smart home automation has to offer:

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The Must-Have Equipment for Your Home Theater

Are you looking to upgrade your home cinema? The right setup can take you from average to a movie theater quality experience. Here are nine big-ticket items and small details to think about:

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Chad came into our store and evaluated our existing security camera system. He then presented us with his proposal showing us the clarity of the cameras and the many function that the cameras could preform. We accepted his proposal, because we are a retail business Chad came in before the store opened and installed 8 cameras, hard drive and we were up and running shortly after the stored opened. The equipment he installed is easy to work with and it gives us the added security which we were looking for. This is why I gave them a 5 Star rating. I highly recommend New Age Home Theater.

Jim Hawley

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