How does a Whole-House Audio System Work?

Whole-house audio distribution often connects a series of ceiling or wall speakers. Depending on the individual system, it might also include wall controls alongside these speakers. Your home entertainment installer should discuss these options with you. These wall controls may resemble:

1)      A Dimmer-Style Light Switch. This no-fuss, no-frills style just gives users the ability to control volume in any given room.

2)      Keypads. This is an analog style that gives users slightly more finesse than a dimmer. With this style, the source of the music (in addition to the volume) can be changed.

3)      Touch Panel / LCD Controllers. Through this control method, not only can users control where the audio comes from and how loud it plays, they can also choose what exactly is played.


Some whole-house audio systems also work through smart home automation, meaning that the speakers can be controlled through a Smartphone or tablet. No wall controls needed!

What to Consider when Buying a Whole-House Audio System

Though more control over your audio system might seem like a good thing, it’s important to consider who exactly will be using it. If your vision-impaired grandmother will want to enjoy your whole-house audio system, perhaps a dimmer-style control panel might work better. If you have mischievous toddlers, a more complicated LCD controller might deter them from blasting nursery rhymes and making your life miserable.


In addition, speak with your home electronic installation service about variations in volume levels. This ensures that you buy the right speakers. A larger room, such as a basement, might need more powerful sound, whereas a smaller room might become overwhelmed.


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