So you’ve settled: you’re finally going to invest in a whole-house audio system! Allow New Age Technology, a whole-house audio distribution installer, to give you a pat on the back. These systems are an audiophile’s dream, sure, but anyone can appreciate the truly immersive audio experience these technologies bring. Whether you enjoy playlists or podcasts, get ready for your listening life to become a whole lot more riveting!


While you wait for your first appointment with the A/V experts, though, you may find yourself wondering what exactly goes on when it comes to installing a whole-house audio system. Perhaps the question arose because you’re nervous, and you wonder if you’ll come off as crass to your home entertainment installer if you don’t educate yourself. Or, perhaps you ask this question in order to prepare yourself to get the most out of every appointment with them.


For whatever reason you seek them, New Age Technology of Saint Louis Park has the answers.


Here’s What Goes On during a Whole-House Audio System Installation

Truth be told, first and foremost, it depends on the company you choose to work with. Each business goes about their craft differently, after all! While we can speak for our own processes, the following steps probably won’t apply to every AV company out there—though they probably should, as we at New Age Technology have found this method a great way to ensure customer satisfaction.


1.      Exploration and Planning | We’ll explore your home’s current technologies and its acoustics—how the structure of every given space affects the sound played within. After we have a better idea of the space and pre-existing systems we’re working with, we’ll sit down and chat with you about your options to improve them.

2.      Installation | This stage is usually what comes to mind when people think of working with a whole-home audio company. We’ll arrive at your house and install everything to your predetermined conditions—no less. We place great emphasis on the previous planning stage so that you’re informed and on-board with everything we will do in this part of the process.

3.      Connection | Once all the physical components are in place, we’ll work with the digital ones. Before we leave, we’ll help you hook up any applicable apps to your new system so that you can enjoy a seamless listening experience right off the bat.


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