Regulating your Minnesota home’s temperature is more important than ever, especially as time slowly trudges toward the colder months. In fact, you might already be prepping for winter: caulking windows, having your insulation redone, and checking over your doors to make sure they aren’t drafty.


One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked in these preparations is your heating system—specifically, your thermostat. Could it be time for an upgrade? While traditional models might be able to warm your home just fine, industry innovation has led to the invention of smart thermostats, devices that can be remotely accessed via your phone and which are used to regulate your home’s temperature on the fly. Sound like a frivolous convenience? New Age Technology, as A/V experts and a provider of automated HVAC installation services, is here to say otherwise.


Learn Why a Smart Thermostat is a Great Investment for Your Home

Sure, a smart thermostat might be extremely convenient—and what’s wrong with that? In today’s tumultuous climate, there’s no shame in embracing a life that’s a little more comfortable. Look forward to walking into a toasty home after a long winter day at work, no matter if you forgot to set your thermostat beforehand. Warm your home without getting up from the couch and missing your favorite TV show. Everyone deserves to live conveniently; why shouldn’t you?


Of course, a smart thermostat does more for you and your home than simply conveniently heat and cool it.


●        A smart thermostat can save you money | We’ve all had times where our schedule, for whatever reason, doesn’t align with our pre-set thermostat options. When nobody is home, and nobody can get there to reprogram the thermostat, your heating and cooling costs become big wastes. Your smart thermostat enables you to manage your home’s environment remotely, which enables you to save no matter what life throws at you.

●        A smart thermostat is, well, smart | Our models learn your habits and can adjust your HVAC system to take into account external factors such as humidity. It’s temperature control that effortlessly synergizes with the real world!

●        A smart thermostat can help you become more conscientious of your energy usage | Models from New Age Technology show how much you’re using as you’re using it. If you’re looking to go green and help the planet, few tools are better than this!


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