You’ve come to the frank conclusion that recent team meetings aren’t going well. Deadlines are being missed, team organization is a mess, and your inbox is littered with email chains asking questions that should have already been covered. While there is certainly something to be said about the productivity-related effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, all this meeting mayhem could be the result of a poor-quality conference room A/V system.


It’s quite easy to see why; if your employees can’t actively see or hear what is being played, how on Earth are they supposed to process the information, let alone write it down for future reference? Fixing these sorts of issues, though, can be, suffice it to say, less-than-easy. How do you make sure that every person—accounting for varying eyesight strengths and different locations throughout the room—can see and hear everything being displayed clearly?


New Age Technology, as a provider of audio/visual solutions and conference room audio/visual setup, is here to help. Below, we’ll explain how to make your conference room a pleasant and informative space for everyone.


Learn from A/V Experts How to Create A Quality Conference Room Atmosphere

Every team and every conference room is different. If you’re at all concerned that information just isn't flowing like it should, contact your nearest audio/visual consultant for a conference-room checkup. When given an accurate description of your problems, they will be able to create tailored audio/visual solutions so your team can get back on track.


Of course, though, you’ll want to have some sense of where your team is struggling to make the most out of your appointments. You can consider


●        Asking around to see if anyone has had problems with the conference room | Employees might simply be too nervous about speaking up, especially if they aren’t in authority positions.

●        Changing the room’s lighting levels to see if that makes things run smoother | If you have to do this often, it might be time for new lighting controls!

●        Minimizing distractions | These distractions can include opening or shutting the blinds or fussing with devices during the meeting to get them to work. Consider asking your team of A/V experts if they can help with this, so you don’t consciously need to work to do so.


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