Whether you’re perfecting the ambiance in your home theater, easing the strain on your eyes while working late from home, or keeping your home safe while you travel the world, smart lighting is the best way for you to brighten your life, save on your electric bill, and create your ideal living environment.


Installing smart lights in your home is a small step that makes a world of difference. With New Age Technology’s smart lighting control solutions, it’s never been easier to light up the home of your dreams. Just a few taps on your smartphone can unlock simple solutions to a variety of home lighting problems.


●        Create the Perfect Ambiance

Need to dim the lights for a movie or turn them on for a surprise party? Don’t leave the room: You can stay in the moment at parties and special events by adjusting the lights from your phone. You can also energize your party, indoors or out, with the perfect mood lighting, or relax after a long day at work with the right level of brightness for you.


●        Lower Your Electric Bill

Is there one light you never remember to turn off before you leave for work? Even if you realize when you’re halfway to the office, you can flip the switch with one click on your phone. You can save on your electric bill, and save the environment, by controlling your home’s lights on the go.


●        Stay Safe While You’re Away from Home

Are you going on a well-earned vacation and worried about your home’s safety while you’re gone? You can adjust your home’s lights in any room from the comfort of your hotel. By adjusting your home’s lighting to mimic your usual patterns, smart lighting can create the sense of a fully-occupied home and make sure passing burglars don’t see your home as a target.


●        Highlight Your Home’s Beauty

Is your artwork languishing in the shadows? You can showcase your furnishings and art pieces with a lighting system that will highlight their beauty and bring your decorating to the next level. Smart lighting delivers all the sophistication of an art gallery in the comfort of your living room.


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