Are you looking to upgrade your home cinema? The right setup can take you from average to a movie theater quality experience. Here are nine big-ticket items and small details to think about:


The Screen

As the star of the show, you don't want to cut corners in your home theater. There are two main options for home theaters: a large and high-performance HDTV and a video projection screen. TVs may be easier to find but can be more expensive than screens. If you keep an eye on your local stores for specials and sales, you may be able to score a good deal.


Projectors and Players

The heart of your home theater is your video projector or Blu-ray player. If you're going the projector route, plan ahead for the placement of the mount. For the player, look for a Blu-ray player with DVD and streaming capability for maximum flexibility.


The Sound System

Clear video is great, but audio matters a lot, too. A proper home theater sound system will have multiple speakers around the room for the most immersive experience. Don't overlook subwoofers; your favorite action flicks won't feel the same without the low tones these pieces produce.


The Remote

With so many devices in a small space, you may end up juggling one too many remotes for an enjoyable experience. A universal remote can be a lifesaver here. If you have smart home automation, your phone may be able to handle the job.


The Seating

Armchairs with built-in cup holders and adjustable foot rests can let you unwind in the evenings. Meanwhile, couches let kick back with family and friends. Look for easy-to-clean fabrics and covering materials in case anyone spills a bag of popcorn.


Other Gear

Now that you have the big-ticket items out of the way, here are some smaller details that can make an impact on your home theater experience:

●        Storage Cabinets - Store your Blu-ray collection and tuck electronics out of sight.

●        Dimmer Lights - Ease eye strain and achieve the true movie theater experience.

●        Surge Protector - Add an extra level of protection for high end products.

●        Headphones - Enjoy a movie late at night without waking the whole family.

Home Theater Made Easy

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