Home automation is becoming bigger news as smartphones grow more and more advanced. Nearly every electronic can be set up for automation.


Not sure what automation is? This process involves using special devices and tech to let you control your devices via your smartphone. You can handle tasks manually or set up a program that will take care of everything for you. Here are a few of the advantages that smart home automation has to offer:


Video Distribution

This form of home automation synchronizes your entertainment across multiple devices, including the TV, computer, and phone. What does this mean? With whole house TV distribution, you can start watching a program on one device and seamlessly jump in on another without missing a beat. It will also convert your files into digital media. Finally, these systems are flexible. Each member of the household can customize the program to their viewing habits.


Automated Lighting

Lighting automation has been around for a while now in the form of timers on light switches. It has gotten more sophisticated than ever. Modern systems let you control the lights from your smartphone, which has a wide range of uses. You can turn lights on when you're heading home at night or when you're away on vacation. You even can shut lights off when a forgetful teenager leaves them on, or create settings so they automatically turn off when the room is empty.


Automated programs can deal with a variety of scenarios, as well. For instance, you can program bright lights for detailed home crafting or dimmer lights at night when you're trying to unwind.


Smart HVAC

Your home ventilation and air conditioning system can also benefit from automation. With the right setup, you'll be able to significantly lower your energy consumption and utility bills.


How does this work? You can program the system to put heating or cooling on pause when you're away, and turn it off completely for less-used rooms like the pantry. This program will then turn the HVAC back on before you get home so you'll walk into a comfortable environment. Finally, you can control the temperature from your phone without having to leave your chair.


Where Can You Find Home Automation Installation in Minnetonka, MN?

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