Creating a powerful worship experience requires the coordination of your church leaders and an experienced, skilled A/V company who can work together to help you achieve your vision. New Age Technology seamlessly blends all elements together to create solutions centered around your worship space, your project purpose, and your overall message.

We offer complete A/V design, setup, and configuration for churches and worship centers across Minnetonka.

Audio & Video Services We Provide

We help you put together your worship events in a way that connects with your church members and guests.

  • Full-Scale Audio
    We can help you develop a full-room sound that creates a meaningful experience throughout the entire worship area. Your leaders can communicate their message without distractions while music engages the audience in powerful and compelling worship moments.
  • Large-Scale Video
    We develop video networks that to capture HD videos. Through video, you can create a connection with every person in the room, as well as other satellite churches or campus in remote locations.
  • Worship Setting Lighting
    We analyze different room dimensions to set up a lighting scheme that helps you project the right image no matter where your stage is located. Our designs provide dynamic lighting configurations to capture the most intimate moments while also sparking spirit-filled energy without overkill.
  • Production Design
    We offer a completely unique concept to your worship center by combining technology with the room design, facilitating a connection with all worshippers with no distractions.
  • Automation
    Worship experiences often occur spontaneously regardless of how much planning you put into the event. With automation and smart technology, you have full control to make adjustments or decisions on the fly regardless of where you are in the auditorium or worship setting.

Multi-Room Audio & Video Distribution

If your church is like other churches, you want to reach as many people as possible with your message. Whether you want to extend the worship experience to another room or another facility, multi-room audio & video distribution gives you the tools necessary to accomplish this objective.

We can visit your campus and to get an idea of where you want to extend your audio and video, and then help you devise a strategy for implementing additional speakers and screens. Through audio and video distribution you can configure your system so that one or more video sources distribute both sound and video to one or more outputs seamlessly.

Media Rooms

You can now turn any room in your church into a fully-functional media center that allows your guests to watch videos, sermons, or listen to worship music in almost any setting. Media rooms are great for small group studies, video series, or hosting a small event. If your church has a rec center, game room, or just a place where people want to come and relax, providing automated video and audio can add the finishing touch that makes the environment more inviting.

Automated Room Control

Integration systems with automated features tie all of the functions in your room or auditorium together so you can start and stop any activity in one touch. New Age Technology automation technicians can help you combine multiple systems over a single platform so that you can execute any event or worship without interruption or distractions. How can we help your church?

  • We can set the stage for full room integration that allows you to control lighting, room climate, sound, video, and other room elements at the touch of a button. You have full programming capabilities from your smartphone or another device.

Fully Customizable A/V Installation for Your Church

Do you have an A/V project in store for your church or worship center? From audio and video conferencing to projection systems, lighting, thermostat, and automation, New Age Technology is ready to help you take your project to the next level for your church members and your visiting community. Contact us today for more information.

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Chad came into our store and evaluated our existing security camera system. He then presented us with his proposal showing us the clarity of the cameras and the many function that the cameras could preform. We accepted his proposal, because we are a retail business Chad came in before the store opened and installed 8 cameras, hard drive and we were up and running shortly after the stored opened. The equipment he installed is easy to work with and it gives us the added security which we were looking for. This is why I gave them a 5 Star rating. I highly recommend New Age Home Theater.

Jim Hawley

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