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Whole-Home Automation Services in Minnetonka

Today’s home automation allows you to control virtually every piece of major equipment and system in your home from your smartphone or another connected device. Automation allows you to turn down the lights, turn on your favorite music, control your thermostat, auto-lock a front or back door, and arm the security system among other activities.

New Age Technology offers comprehensive home automation design, installation, and configuration for your home. Our automation specialists can assess your needs, determine the best strategy for streamlining all of your systems, and implement an automated network in which all components work together.

We can help you set up your smartphone so that you can control all of your automation from the touch of a button. You also have the option of integrating your Alexa, Google Play, or other voice-command devices.

Home Automation Options

What items in your home would you like to fully automate? Check out these options available to you right now:

A high-definition home theater experience complete with full video display and a powerful sound can enhance your viewing experience with each person in the room. We can help you create the perfect environment that replicates being a commercial theater.
Play music or listen to a playlist in a single room. Give each member of your family or your guests the option of listening to their favorite tunes each room simultaneously. Everyone can control what they hear and when they hear it straight from their devices.
Program lighting to set the right mood. No matter what event you are planning, you can create the lighting precisely how you want it.
Our automated climate control allows you to control or program the thermostat from any location in the home or away. Lower your monthly bills and ease your eco-conscience by reducing HVAC energy consumption when you don’t need it. Advanced temperature control is a simple and affordable addition to any home.
Take comfort in knowing that your home and family are safe with automated security solutions. Smart locks can notify you of daily activity including people entering and exiting the home. Through home automation, you get these and other features.

Personalized Automation According to Your Lifestyle

As technology evolves, you can control more aspects of your property. Each component in now has the ability to work in conjunction with other components and systems. For instance, you can program your lights with your security system. Or, if an alarm is triggered, a message can be sent to all household mobile phones or other wireless devices. Information can be passed between different devices, and processes can be put in place without the need for resubmitting the information or repeating certain actions manually.

You can set your heating or cooling to come on depending on the amount of sunlight outside or if the thermostat senses activity in the home. If the weather gets bad outside, you adjust your settings as needed to counter the weather condition.

You can sequence lighting to operate depending on activity in or around your home. If you arrive home in the dark, your property can be lit before you get out of your car and your multi-room audio system begins to play as you enter the house.

Schedule Home Automation Installation in Minneapolis

From concept and design to system installation, New Age Technology can assist you with all phases of your home automation installation. We offer audio and video installation and programming for all types of home or business applications.

If you would like to find out more about our audio/visual services for both residential and commercial properties in the Western Minneapolis suburbs, MN, then contact us today!

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Chad came into our store and evaluated our existing security camera system. He then presented us with his proposal showing us the clarity of the cameras and the many function that the cameras could preform. We accepted his proposal, because we are a retail business Chad came in before the store opened and installed 8 cameras, hard drive and we were up and running shortly after the stored opened. The equipment he installed is easy to work with and it gives us the added security which we were looking for. This is why I gave them a 5 Star rating. I highly recommend New Age Home Theater.

Jim Hawley

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