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Home Theater Installation in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Home theaters are more than just bigger screens with louder speakers. They’re a unique media experience shared with those that truly love cinema. Whether you are watching the National Championship or the latest epic trilogy, what you remember the most is how you felt watching the cinematic event on a large screen in the comfort of your own home.

Times have changed, and home theaters are more accessible now than ever. So if you are thinking about transforming a basic dry room into an exciting home theater, contact New Age Technology. Our technicians partner with homeowners to create customized theatrical environments complete with forward-thinking technology, lust aesthetics, and comfortable components.

We can help you design your home theater to your exact specifications to bring you 100% satisfaction throughout the entire installation project. Contact us today for an in-home consultation with a home theater media specialist.

Media Room A/V Integration

Media rooms have become a popular option for homeowners and business owners who want multimedia experiences instead of a single-element layout.

Multimedia rooms allow you to create an aesthetic in both sight and sound, utilizing all components of the room or decor. For instance, you can create a room that includes surround-sound speakers on all walls, video screens of any size or dimension, and strategic placement of all elements to provide maximum entertainment value on all levels.

The Home Theater Installation Process

When we meet with you, we sit down and cover the entire installation process from design to project completion. Our process may include the following:

  1. Audio design. Determine the type of speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers that should be used to enable the theater to perform at cinema sound in your particular environment.
  2. Video design. Select the projector and screen that will provide appropriate image brightness and contrast for varying theater usages.
  3. Acoustic design. Specify the number, type, and location of acoustic treatments to meet targets for sound decay and frequency response.
  4. Home theater layout. Place audio and video components within the room and help determine seating placement.
  5. Installation. Provide and install audio/video equipment and acoustic treatment, perform construction such as baffle walls, and program control systems.
  6. Audio calibration. Fine-tune the audio system to meet industry standards for sound quality, sound decay, and frequency response.
  7. Video calibration. Adjust the video system to meet industry standards for picture quality, grayscale, and color.

New Home & Remodeling Concept & Design

If you are considering remodeling a room in your home to become a media room or a home theater, then you will need to reconceptualize the room from top to bottom. For instance, the acoustics in a room greatly affect how the signal coming out of the speakers sounds once it hits your ears. You may want to change your flooring from tile to carpet or add acoustic pads.

The same goes for how your room is set up. If you are installing a home theater, you may want to expand your room by knocking out a wall or make the room smaller by adding a wall. Before you do, however, we can help you design the room to determine what its dimensions will be and how much area you will need to accommodate the entire system.

Home Theater and Media Installation Service in Minnetonka and the Surrounding Communities

If you are ready to personalize your cinematic viewing experience, then contact New Age Technology today. We offer a wide range of products and services including home theaters, media rooms, outdoor audio, home automation, and security.

To find out more about how our service can help you bring your ideas to life, contact us at (952) 204-7226.

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